What is a surgical mask? What are breathing masks?

As the name suggests, surgical masks are essentially masks used by healthcare professionals during surgical procedures. Surgical masks, which have found a place in our daily life with the Covid19 pandemic, have been used to prevent individuals with respiratory diseases (influenza, tuberculosis, COVID19) from infecting other individuals with the disease. The biggest mistake made when using this type of masks is to forget that the masks are disposable and use the same mask more than once a day. However, on the contrary, the service life of surgical masks is 4.5 hours at most, and after removal, they should be placed in a nylon bag and thrown into the trash. They should definitely not be thrown into the street, and they cannot even be taken out and left in the middle of the house.


Respirators can be briefly described as the types of personal and protective equipment used in environments with unwanted microparticles in the air. Respiratory mask types are increasingly used in order to protect against the epidemic in daily life in this extraordinary process. Respirator use all yesterday


or something that we are not foreign to at all. The area of use is the areas where there are viruses and bacteria suspended in the air, so we can briefly classify it as crowded and crowded areas.

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