Thank you for your interest in our products!

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Thank you very much for your interest in our products. Here it's produced in Turkey
You will meet with protective and top quality masks. For your comfort as well as protection
Soft and comfortable breathing by using quality fabrics
we produced masks. You will understand our difference when you use it.
We are a family business established in Ankara in 1985. Parts for electronics manufacturers
We manufacture and export to 78 countries. With the spread of the Corona virus at the beginning of 2020
First of all, we provide our customers with products such as ventilators in the medical field of our country.
we started to produce by mobilizing. In March 2020, the epidemic reaches our country and masks
When it hit the black market, we started working to produce medical protective products. Of our business
In order for our products to be produced at world standards and at competitive prices,
In the room, together with our production line, we have an advanced
we established a laboratory.

Covid-19 virus is very very small compared to bacteria, and through particles in the air
has been proven to be infected. Using masks to protect us from these particles to protect
is required. In the light of this information, we use our masks above the standards currently applied.
We produced it to provide protection.

TS EN 14683 Type IIR standards used for surgical masks for many years
it only measures the Bacteria Filtering Efficiency (BFE) of the masks. Viruses are more than bacteria
Since they are very small, the Bacteria Filtering Efficiency is very good.
does not show that it provides protection. PFE / Particle of the mask you will use to protect against viruses
Filtering Efficiency should be high. Our surgical masks are 0,3µ (micron) sized
partikülleri minimum %98 filtrelemektedir (32 lt/dk). Bünyemizdeki laboratuvarımız sayesinde
We maintain our quality and high standards by constantly measuring our PFE activity.
You will also see our FFP2 masks known as N95 on our website. Of these masks
filtering efficiency is higher. It has a triangular structure that will completely cover the mouth and nose.
folded. Particulate Filtering of these masks, which are subject to EN 149: 2001+ A1: 2009 standard
Their efficiency is measured on the condition of 95lt / min. FFP masks (Filtering FacePiece) 1,2,3
Sorted by filtering power, 1 is weakest, 3 is strongest. FFP2 we offer with code MA-600
Our mask provides FFP3 values in filtration and breathability tests. Test
You can find our report in our Certificates section.

For everything our e-mail address and +90 531 640 6879 WhatsApp
You can reach us from our line.