How to Wear the FFP2 Mask?

Before putting on the mask, it should be ensured that hand hygiene is achieved. Afterwards, the mask should be grasped with one hand and the inside of the mask should be placed on the face, with the help of the other hand, the upper and lower bands of the mask should be placed on the back of the head. While performing these procedures, the face should be beard-free and the hair should be bulk.

The upper and lower parts of the mask should be straightened to make sure that it is not curved inward and fits well on the face.

Afterwards, the nose clip of the mask should be fitted to the nose with the help of both hands. The reason for doing this with both hands is to prevent the mask from causing inadequate protection.

After making sure that the mask is attached correctly, the mask is closed with both hands, a strong breath is taken and it is checked whether air enters the edges. This process is called negative pressure control. Positive pressure control is done by breathing and it is ensured that there is no leakage from the edges.

When removing the mask, the front part where heavy contamination occurs should be removed without touching and disposed of in medical waste.

After removing the mask, hand hygiene must be provided.