Should We Rely on Vaccines to Get Over the COVID-19 Process?

The most correct answer to the question of why we should have the Covid 19 vaccine; Because as humanity, we have no other choice.


The Covid-19 virus, which is a kind of hybrid virus of the virus called Corona, which has been under the influence of the world and humanity for about a year and a half, threatens all countries and all people deadly. 


The reactions of the society against the Covid-19 virus affect the course of the virus and the course of the world. In this case, in order to overcome the virus, companies that produce vaccines every day in the world and can allocate a budget for R&D studies have produced many vaccines in cooperation with the public and universities, and these vaccines have started to be applied on humans after passing phase 3 stages. 


Fakat, aşılama üzerine gelen haberler pek de iç açıcı değildir. Aşıların verimlerinin düşük ölçülmesi sürü bağışıklığı için gerekli olan aşılama miktarının dünya nüfusunun %80’i ila %90’ının aşılanması gerekliliğini bize göstermektedir. 


Both the complexity of the vaccination process and the need for a large bureaucratic network, and the difficulty of convincing individuals to such a large organization can be listed as the factors that prevent us from achieving this goal.


In this case, we are left with no alternative but natural herd immunity. Herd immunity can take two forms. The first and most undesirable is that the Covid-19 virus infects all segments of society and makes people immune by making everyone sick. The second and most preferable way is that the virus spreads over time and becomes unable to harm individuals through mutations and is deleted from history. For this reason; With the confidence we get from the launch of vaccines, we should not bend the mask, distance and hygiene rules, and wait for the Covid-19 virus to evolve into harmless mutations.